Sunday, November 2, 2008

Date Day.

Mark works 24 hour shifts every other day. Between that and my erratic work schedule, it can sometimes feel like days since we've seen each other. So Mark came up with the wonderful idea for us to have a date day every one to two weeks if we have the same day off. Here are some pictures from our first 'Date Day'. He took me up to Mt. Lemon to go hiking and then we came home and made our first home cooked meal together that we ended up eating for the next week. It was an absolute blast.

First Post...

It's been awhile since I've blogged... so I thought I would start with an update.

I just recently moved down to Tucson, Arizona. I am loving the warm weather and the loss of the 1,600 mile gap that separated me from my Lover. Still trying to get used the desert and I am definitely missing my family, friends and beautiful Washington. This is my seventh time moving in the last three years. I've gotten so used to change that it's hard to really get settled in. Being able to see Mark everyday is something that I absolutely love. I am very blessed.

My little niece Milah that I miss more than anything.